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Hands of Light
By Barbara Ann Brennan

Although I found reading this book “slow going” at first, it was really worth the effort! Having already worked with the chakras and the energy field when I began reading this text, I was gratified to learn some new terminology and to have a solid body of information expanding on and explaining much of what I had been doing intuitively. I knew much of the information in the initial chapters that describe Newtonian physics, field theory, morphogenetic fields, multidimensional reality, various spiritual traditions, and the universal energy field. The information that I have most thoroughly digested is that dealing with the seven layers of the aura and the seven chakras. The illustrations are great to use as reference. I’ve shown them to my students (self-healing and spiritual concepts classes that I teach) and used them to explain much about the energy system. When I got to the information about spiritual guidance and spiritual healing in the last part of the book, I was amazed and gratified to have someone describe so much of what I had experienced. I was especially surprised when I reached the information in Chapter 22 on Full Spectrum Healing and found that I had seen or experienced the energy and some of the techniques before I read her information. I recommend this book for all students of healing. It is very comprehensive..

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