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Therapeutic Touch, A Practical Guide
By Janet Macrae

This book explains the basis of Therapeutic Touch as “laying-on of hands”. (Pg 3) A brief history explaining the roles of Dora Kunz and Delores Krieger is given. The opening chapter immediately approaches healing from an energy standpoint. “In a state of health, the life energy flows freely in, through, and out of the organism in a balanced manner…” (Pg 4) In explaining the guiding principles, more specifics regarding the energy system are presented and some studies are cited. A large part of the book focuses on explaining the specific method of Therapeutic Touch and the steps to complete. This information serves as a good reference and offers specific insights such as areas of blocked or congested energy, how to deal with congestion, and “often a feeling of pins and needles in some area of the energy field . . . indicates a localized imbalance”. (Pg 57) Healers beginning to develop a feeling for energy will find the book very helpful. I found numerous explanations about energy helpful.

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