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Healing Touch: A Guidebook for Practitioners, 2nd Ed
By Dorothea Hover-Kramer

This text is packed with information valuable to a developing healer. The book is “intended to be the current, basic textbook about the concepts and techniques of Healing Touch (HT)”. (Pg xvii) It includes a history of the development of HT and then progresses with a historical perspective from ancient times through various spiritual traditions. I found the information describing the self-healing endogenous healing process compared with the illness response model of particular interest. The chapter dealing with research offers a handy reference of current information. The information regarding the human energy field and chakras provides basic information. The patterns illustrated of energy systems is useful as reference material to compare with energetic patterns that a practitioner finds in actual clients. Likewise, the descriptions of the Healing Touch interventions are great for reference in reviewing and refreshing the practitioner’s techniques. The information on self-care and the development of the healer offered techniques and insights that I can incorporate in my classes and self-care. Healing Touch students and practitioners will find this text very useful as a reference book.

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